The poet Marisa Donneli calls to stop trying to “fix” and fix himself. She advises to realize her true value and to love herself unconditionally.

Sometimes a strange idea settles in my head. We decide that the best way to take care of yourself is to constantly work on ourselves and improve. Despite the achievements, we cannot believe in our own value. We say that they have not realized the potential. Despite all efforts, we continue to convince ourselves that they are not good enough. We cannot achieve recognition – first of all, from ourselves.

We think that to love yourself is to correct the shortcomings, to become better and stronger, approaching the ideal. We themselves create unrealistic expectations, and then we are surprised why we are unhappy and dissatisfied with life. We believe that we must improve ourselves in order to earn a little love and recognition. But this is a mistake, we are not broken things and do not need repair.

Of course, there will be a lot of pain and defeats in life. We will cause pain to those who love us, and bring those who mean the most for us. There will be many tears, there will be moments when we begin to hate the reflection in the mirror.

We are not perfect, we will never do enough by the unattainable standards of the world and will not be able to establish life one hundred percent.

But you should not spend life in pursuit of an unattainable ideal. No need to give up happiness and tranquility and

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waste time to patch up „holes” in yourself. We are not perfect, and it’s fine. We are valuable on our own – those that are.

I’m not saying that you need to stop working on yourself at all. But often we get hung up on what we do not have. We are absorbed by thoughts of unconquered peaks, and we forget who we are actually. We focus on what we want to change in ourselves, and forget about our unconditional value.

Try to accept yourself entirely, with all the shortcomings, and love will help to become stronger. Do not consider yourself a loser due to mistakes made on the way. The main thing is to learn how to learn from them lessons. Self -love, acceptance and self -improvement is an endless process. There should be a light inside that will support a positive attitude and move forward. But periodically you need to stop in order to appreciate yourself and achievements.

Stop trying to fix yourself. You are not a broken toy on a shelf and not an old car in a garage, you are just a person with your virtues and disadvantages, but this does not mean that you do not deserve love. Not perfect, but this does not mean that you are missing something.

Remember that you have overcome. These events made you those who you are now. Each has the moments of lesions, dissatisfaction with the soul and body. But when you achieve something, do not devalue yourself and the path that you made. This is a difficult journey, you must be proud of it.