Fortune not considerably of humbling me can boast Nevertheless double taxed, how little have I misplaced? My life’s amusements have been just the very same, Prior to, and just after, standing armies arrived.

My lands are sold, my father’s residence is long gone I am going to seek the services of another’s is not that my have, And yours, my good friends? by way of whose cost-free-opening gate None comes as well early, none departs as well late (For I, who keep sage Homer’s rule the most effective, Welcome the coming, pace the heading guest). „Pray Heaven it last!” (cries Swift!) „as you go on I wish to God this house experienced been your own: Pity! to establish without a son or wife: Why, you’ll enjoy it only all your lifestyle. ” Nicely, if the use be mine, can it problem one, Irrespective of whether the identify belong to Pope or Vernon? What is home? expensive Swift! you see it alter From you to me, from me to Peter Walter Or, in a mortgage, establish a lawyer’s share Or, in a jointure, vanish from the heir Or in pure equity (the case not crystal clear) The Chancery takes your rents for twenty yr: At very best, it falls to some ungracious son, Who cries, „My father’s damned, and all’s my individual. ” Shades, that to Bacon could retreat find the money for, Turn out to be the part of a booby lord And Hemsley, once proud Buckingham’s delight, Slides to a scrivener or a city knight.

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Enable lands and properties have what lords they will, Enable us be mounted, and our have masters even now. THE 1st EPISTLE OF THE To start with E-book OF HORACE.

EPISTLE I. TO LORD BOLINGBROKE. St. John, whose adore indulged my labours past, Matures my present, and shall certain my final! Why will you break the Sabbath of my times? Now unwell alike of envy and of praise. General public as well prolonged, ah enable me disguise my age! See, modest Cibber now has left the stage: Our generals now, retired to their estates, Dangle their outdated trophies o’er the back garden gates, In life’s great evening satiate of applause, Nor fond of bleeding, even in Brunswick’s induce.

A voice there is, that whispers in my ear, (’Tis Reason’s voice, which often a single can listen to) „Mate Pope, be prudent, let your muse choose breath, And in no way gallop Pegasus to death Lest rigid and stately, void of hearth or force, You limp, like Blackmore, on a lord mayor’s horse. ” Farewell then verse, and really like, and just about every toy, The rhymes and rattles of the gentleman or boy What ideal, what accurate, what fit we justly connect with, Permit this be all my care-for this is all.

To lay this harvest up, and hoard with haste What each working day will want, and most, the very last. But check with not, to what medical doctors I apply? Sworn to no grasp, of no sect am I: As drives the storm, at any doorway I knock: And house with Montaigne now, or now with Locke. Occasionally a patriot, energetic in debate, Combine with the planet, and struggle for the Condition, Free of charge as younger Lyttelton, her result in pursue, Still legitimate to virtue, and as heat as correct: Often with Aristippus, or St.

Paul, Indulge my candour, and grow all to all Again to my native moderation slide, And win my way by yielding to the tide. Prolonged, as to him who works for personal debt, the day, Very long as the night time to her whose love’s absent, Extensive as the year’s boring circle seems to run, When the brisk slight pants for twenty-just one: So gradual th’ unprofitable times roll, That lock up all the functions of my soul That retain me from myself and nevertheless hold off Life’s quick organization to a long term day: That activity, which as we comply with, or despise, The eldest is a idiot, the youngest sensible Which finished, the poorest can no wishes endure And which not accomplished, the richest ought to be lousy. Late as it is, I set myself to university, And truly feel some ease and comfort, not to be a idiot. Weak nevertheless I am of limb, and short of sight, Much from a lynx, and not a giant fairly I am going to do what Mead and Cheselden suggest, To retain these limbs, and to maintain these eyes.